CJSC "Kombinati Shiri Dushanbe"

шири Душанбе
CJSC "Kombinati Shiri Dushanbe" is one of the largest milk processing enterprises in the Republic of Tajikistan. The first stage of the Dushanbe dairy plant with a capacity of 110 tons of milk processing per shift and 10 tons of ice cream per day was built and put into operation in 1965. The second stage of the enterprise was built in 1976, and as a result, the capacity of the enterprise increased to 228 tons of milk processing per shift. In 2005, the Plant was transformed into a closed joint-Stock company "Kombinati Shiri Dushanbe". Currently the plant processes 65 tons of raw materials per shift, and produces more than 83 types of finished products.

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In 2014, the Plant launched workshops for the production of baby food, hard and processed cheeses, butter and disposable containers, which are equipped with high-quality technological equipment. High-quality equipment was purchased in the Russian Federation, Hungary and Germany. Today, it produces more than 45 items of various whole-milk products, including kaymak, sour cream, jurgot, kefir, fruit kefir, ryazhenka, cottage cheese, milk, Doug, chakka, bio-kefir, 20 types of cheeses, including “Veola”, “Somonien”, ” Dutch”,

“Brynza”, “Dushanbe”, “Shohona”, “Parmesan”, “Russian”, “Pigtail”, “Suluguni”, “mozzarella”, “Adyghe”, “Cheddar”, “Gouda”, “Arkon” butter, peasant 72.5%, weight and others, as well as 16 names of children’s dairy products: yoghurts from fresh domestic fruits, iodized chocolate curd bars, curds, cheese, chocolate milk and others. etc. Only natural milk and raw materials are used in production, including those supplied from the Plant’s breeding farms.

Our farms

In 2012, the Plant purchased 200 heads of Holstein breeding cattle from Iran for Saodat LLC in Rudaki district, and in 2013, 200 heads of Simmental breeding cattle from Germany for Saodat LLC in Khuroson district. The productivity of these breeding cows was more than 9,000 liters of milk per year, which indicates the high quality of breeding cattle in the climatic conditions of the Republic of Tajikistan. Dairy farms are built using Western technologies and meet the modern requirements of the industry.